Giving back has always been a core belief at Hippie Love and we're here not only to serve our customers, but to help those in need and better the planet around us.

Hippie Love Bracelets is making it easier for people to make a difference. We donate 10% of all purchases (not just profits) to the charity you select at checkout. Get to know our featured charities below. 


Since 1972, Prevent Child Abuse America has led the way in building awareness, providing education and inspiring hope to everyone involved in the effort to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation's children. Working with chapters in 50 states, they provide leadership to promote and implement prevention efforts at both the national and local levels. Their national campaign and local programs, prevention initiatives and events help spread the word in your community, creating awareness that prevention is possible. They're a family of friends, professionals, volunteers, donors and parents who are preventing child abuse and neglect before it ever starts.


Human Rights First is an independent advocacy and action organization that challenges America to live up to its ideals. They believe American leadership is essential in the struggle for human rights so they press the U.S. government and private companies to respect human rights and the rule of law. When they don't, they step in to demand reform, accountability and justice. Around the world, they work where they can best harness American influence to secure core freedoms.


The Conservation Fund believes that conservation should work for America. By creating solutions that make environmental and economic sense, they are re-defining conservation to demonstrate its essential role in our future prosperity. They have the highest program allocation - putting 97% of resources toward their mission - and lowest fundraising costs in the field and continue to outperform for efficiency and effectiveness. Since 1985 they have protected more than 7.5 million acres of land, working in all 50 states; they've preserved forests, deserts, parks, waterways and every type of landscape in between. From historic places that tell the story of America to helping communities grow smarter, greener cities, they're work benefits all Americans.